KOC Electric will not remain complacement but supply of technology and products that diverse customers wnat. and increase the global competitiveness. Please watch KOC Electric newaly jumps up to be the global company with your great interest.


On behalf of KOC Electric Corporates, This is greetings from CEO. Hee Sul, Hwang.

Since 1975 of Foundation, KOC Electric has supplied varied products and solutions specialized in transformer for vessel that requires high stability and quality, and has grown together leading success of customers and partners. Enhancing internal competence with the acquisition of ISO 9001/14001 certificates, We have been achieving rapid growth through the product development which is necessary for the new technology, and new market such as localization of Photovoltaic Special Transformer, Explosion-Protected Transformer, Closed Water Cooling High-Tension Transformer for Vassel, and finalizing localization of High-Tension Transformer that is needed for the VFD system used at offshore plant.

KOC Electric is not being complacent but organizing the existing system and being prepared for the customer response to take a leap forward to be a midsized company of 100 billions in sales by 2020 supplying the technology and products that diverse customers want. We are planning to broaden the working field on the basis of existing transformer technology gradually, strengthen the electricity/control system of the maritime sector improving capability of electronic and electric, and enhance the electric distribution system including onshore transformer. Also, We will raise the global competitiveness even more expanding the R&D and investment for internalization of the key solution. Please watch KOC Electric newly jumps up to the global company with interests! Thank you!

KOC Electric CEO Hee Sul, Hwang